Stainless Steel Cleaning Made Easy 

We all know what a challenge cleaning stainless steel can be.  There are some tips that can help relieve the challenges and stress of trying to get your appliances to look clean and shiny.

Let’s explore cleaning options and recommendations:

Not recommended to clean your stainless steel – Powder, steel wool, bleach, and ammonia have too many abrasive properties, which can easily scratch or discolor the appliance finish.

Cleaning Stainless Steel can be a process of trying out several options.  Depending on the quality and type of the stainless steel, appliance brand and type of appliance, it may take some experimenting.  Remember to do a test area on your appliances to ensure the product you choose will not damage the finish.

The absolute best cloths to use for cleaning your appliances are microfiber. The intricate fibers in microfiber cloths will not only lock in any and all dirt, but will give your stainless steel appliances a brand-new finished look. Wipe away the smears and smudges with a microfiber cloth, then buff the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.  The fine fibers of microfiber towels leave surfaces streak-free, absorbs more water and won’t scratch any of your stainless steel.  Remember to always wipe your appliances with the grain, not against it.

Any oil-based cleaner, be it homemade or store bought, will leave your appliances looking shiny, but also leaves a fine oil residue on your stainless steel which can show streaks after cleaning/drying and oil-based products also show marks and smudges on your appliances faster than some of the other alternatives.

As an Eco-Friendly cleaning company, we like to use natural alternatives to some of the store-bought products. 

White vinegar and water are a natural alternative.  Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. You can add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oils to make the mixture smell better. Let the solution soak into your appliances for about 5 mins.  Then wipe/polish clean.

Another favourite is rubbing alcohol.  The beauty of using rubbing alcohol is it cleans but also sanitizes.  Spray your appliances with undiluted rubbing alcohol and let soak for a couple of minutes.  Put a little rubbing alcohol on your cloth and start cleaning.  It may take a bit more work to get the streaks out but you get the benefit of sanitizing your appliances along with cleaning.

Happy Cleaning!

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