A Checklist For Everyday Cleaning

It’s no secret that many people find comfort in routines. When Covid-19 first started, I initially struggled with the absence of my regular daily patterns. As the months have gone on, my greatest source of comfort, resilience and peace has come from the implementation of new routines. One such routine that is often overlooked but crucial, both during and out of Covid, is that of a daily cleaning. This is not a suggestion to vacuum your entire home top to bottom every single day, don’t worry. Instead, it’s an opportunity to examine the small differences that can be taken, that will ensure your weekly cleans aren’t as overwhelming.

Developing a daily cleaning checklist is efficient in the long term, keeps household messes manageable, and eventually can become relaxing and a nice moment for taking care of yourself. This practice is important even if you use a regular cleaning company like us at Honest Cleaning and Services. This way when we come into your homes, we can spend our time on the more time consuming detailed tasks that require special attention and care.

That being said, sometimes we are just too busy, overwhelmed or physically unable to do this everyday. Remember to be kind to yourself, do what will make your home feel best, and only do however much is comfortable and capable for you. I hope some of these inspire you to develop a new routine and help you achieve that “insta-pic clean” you’ve always wanted. Below are ideas for your daily cleaning checklist:

  • Make the Bed

Simple, easy, refreshing. Making your bed every morning is a great way to start the day and actually aids in keeping your bed fresh, smelling better and helps dissipate sweat.

  • Night Stand

Clean your nightstand off. If you’re a cup hoarder (like me… Oops) fix the habit by removing your old cup every morning while you tidy the night stand and returning it to the kitchen. This declutters and also might encourage you to drink some more water in the morning, so healthy. Remember to wipe up any water marks from your cup, give it a good dust including any decorative elements and put away any loose items like hair elastics, jewelry etc.

  • Morning Kitchen

While you make that morning cup of tea or coffee take the time to put away and dry dishes and clean any dirty ones left over from the night before. My partner does this every morning while consuming copious amounts of coffee and it’s lovely walking into a clean dirty dish free kitchen.

  • Countertops

This is a big one throughout your day but cleaning  your countertops after use is a wonderful mess prevention step that keeps a home fresh and looking like all those instagram posts you envy. After you get ready in the bathroom wipe down the counters to get rid of water, soap scum and loose hairs. Take a second to wipe down the faucet and mirrors. You’d be surprised at the amount of splash back and toothpaste that ends up on your mirror every morning.

Wiping down the kitchen counters after washing dishes or cooking also keeps things fresh during the day and helps prevent staining and water damage.

  • Laundry

I know this might sound extreme but hear me out; doing laundry everyday is AMAZING! When you try to do a load everyday the prospect of laundry becomes a lot less daunting then doing it all at once. You need a lot less stuff; less bedding if you’re washing it frequently, less clothes. Washing your body,face and hair towels and your kitchen/cleaning rags frequently is more sanitary and again you’ll need less. Also who doesn’t love a chore that you can multitask with. Of course if you’re someone who doesn’t have access to home laundry machines, no pressure.

  • Sweep

Quick, efficient and effective; a brisk spot sweep, a thorough morning or evening sweep is a must. It keeps dust levels low, decreases the need for vacuuming if you have carpets elsewhere in the house, and aids in keeping your bed clean. It’s an easy step that can be done whenever is convenient for you that makes a big difference.

  • Fold/Put Away Clothes & Laundry

Whether you followed the earlier advice to do laundry daily or not, if you have clean laundry put it away. I always feel down when I’ve got piles of clean laundry sitting around for a while but bounce right back once it’s all put away. Also pick up all the dirty laundry and put that in the bin. You’ll feel. SO. Much. Better.

  • Use the Dishwasher, But Not for Dishes

Make your appliances work for you. If you have a dishwasher utilise it for more than just dish cleaning. You’d be amazed at all the things you can clean with it and make your life easier. Of course always do a little research before putting certain plastics and metal, nonstick coatings in. some of the many things you can clean in your dishwasher are: plastic and glass drawer organizers, microwave turntables, appliance knobs, certain dish sponges and scrubbers, your compost bin, fridge shelves and drawers, shower caddies and baseball caps (no jokes unlike a wash machine that will ruin the shape, dishwashers clean with no smooshing), Toys for kids and pets, decore like vases and light fixtures, there are a million articles about the countless possibilities.

  • Technology

Everyday do yourself a favour and whip down your technology. It helps keep keyboards working, lessens debris and dust build up, prevents micro scratches and screens, and lessens the spread of germs and bacteria which is especially important when it comes to our phones. It’s known that dirty phone screens can contribute to acne and other skin irritations.

  • Front door prevention

When winter hits I know that means a little more TLC needs to be spent on keeping my front door area clean. In the colder months we track a lot more dirt and muck inside on our wet shoes. It’s a good idea to do a daily spot clean of the front door to prevent this muck from traveling further into the house.

  • Kitchen messes

Do yourself a favour and clean up when you spill something in the kitchen or while you cook. It deters pests, bacteria, staining and in the morning you’ll enjoy seeing a mess free kitchen.

  • At The End of The Day

Tidy the blankets and pillows on the couch. Any mugs or glasses from the day or dirty dishes return to the kitchen. You’re ready for a new day.

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