Your Safety is Our Top Priority – Our COVID-19 Protocols

At Honest Cleaning and Services, we are part of your COVID-19 precautions. Cleaning and disinfecting are so important to ensuring your home or office is at reduced risk for harbouring contagions.

Our HCAS protocols for all of our job sites – both residential and commercial properties – include:

COVID-19 Protocols Honest Cleaning and Services HCAS wiping down surfaces

Face Masks

We are protecting the well-being of our clients and team members by keeping germs to ourselves. No team members will enter your home with any symptoms of the virus. All clients are being screened before booking services.


Gloves are used to ensure less contact with surfaces.

Extra Sanitizing

Our HCAS Team members are very vigilant about wiping down light switches, door handles, railings, and all surfaces with our anti-bacterial green cleaners.

Hand Washing

We are thoroughly washing our hands in between appointments and after wearing gloves.


We clean our vacuum filters regularly and clean the outside as well. All supplies and equipment wiped down.

Social Distancing

If you are working from home, we are keeping our distance and HCAS Team members are maintaining space from one another.


We are accepting only electronic payments at this time.

See Us In Action and Our Pricing

Our Value - Invest In Your Time

Your time is precious, and you want to spend it doing the things you love. Let us take care of your home or office, or your pets and home when you are traveling. Check out our video and see how we take pride in ensuring your home is clean and safe.

Enjoy Your Time!

Our Pricing

House cleaning

$45 per hour per cleaner

(=$135/hr for a team of three. 1.5 hour minimum)

Commercial Cleaning

$50 per hour
Rates vary by location and square footage.

Pet sitting

$50 per day
Additional fee if more than one pet

5% GST added to all services due on invoice

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