It’s Good to be Green!

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It’s Good to Be Green 

Green Cleaning Benefits 

What it Means to be Green:

How many times have you been cleaning and accidentally received a sniff of the lovely chemical bouquet you’re using to scrub your counters with? Or after cleaning, you have dry, itchy hands that no amount of lotion soothes? Ruined a favorite shirt with bleach? Welcome to the club.

The cleaning chemicals we bring into our homes are powerful, that’s why we like them. The powerful chemicals make them efficient which saves us time, there are a million different products for every possible task, and they keep us “safe”. But their power comes at a cost. A cost to you and your family’s health, the environment and our bank accounts. At Honest Cleaning and Services we believe in the benefits of green cleaning and the safer, cost efficient benefits it provides, compared to the usual chemical products that are available. 


Chemical Exposure

No matter how careful we are, the chemicals found in most non-green cleaners make their way into our bodies; whether it’s by skin absorption, inhalation, or by particles hitching a ride with our food, these toxins get inside us. There have been multiple case studies into the connection between common cleaning chemicals and increased asthma severity and allergies. With most green cleaners, there aren’t any harsh toxins to harm the lungs and cause a reaction. Aswell with simple green cleaners, most of which use everyday items you can find in your kitchen, you can actually understand the product label and contents list. Just like with food, you want an ingredients list you can understand. If you are someone with scent sensitivities it’s a lot easier to find all natural cleaners that won’t trigger a reaction or make your own without scents. We also have to consider the safety of those around us when it comes to the cleaning supplies we bring into our homes. The fear of a child or pet getting into these products while you’re busy, is something many people have to worry about and we at HCAS empathize with. The products we use in our services and many other green cleaners do not pose the same risks and concerns compared to mainstream products.



The main point of Green and Eco friendly cleaners is to be kind to our environment, unlike the usual products mass produced. The pollution caused by the improper disposal and regular uses of common cleaners represents a large part of our global eco footprint. Not only is it their use, but the manufacturing of these products contributes to carbon emissions and ocean acidification. We at HCAS stand strongly against the use of animal testing and are dedicated to the use of vegan products that also uphold these values.  With Green cleaning, there is a plethora of products and supplies that align with these beliefs. The stuff you are made of matters, especially with cleaning products! Green cleaners offer a huge variety of sustainable products and supplies. Such as: 

  • Reusable Cloths instead of paper towel
  • Plant fiber scrubbers
  • Less/Eco friendly packaging 



Cost efficient 

There’s an unfortunate stereotype that green or eco friendly must mean expensive. This simply isn’t true! Often these products are simpler and already found in your home; vinegar and baking soda are wonderful ingredients that can be used to clean almost anything! Buying these two products for multi purpose is a lot cheaper than buying 5 different conventional cleaners that only have one job. Switching to reusable supplies like cloth wipes instead of paper towels and one use wipes saves a pretty penny and a run to the store. Minimalism with packaging saves you money as it brings down production costs and if it’s a refillable/reusable package your cash goes even further. Your belongings will also last longer; paint, varnish, color and fabrics often break down from those conventional harsh chemicals, limiting the longevity of your furniture and possessions.


It’s Good To Be Green

Unfortunately conventional cleaning products don’t cut it when it comes to our safety, money and environmental stewardship. Thankfully more and more green cleaning products are becoming available and their benefits abound. At Honest Cleaning and Services we believe in the power and performance of these products and not only think they should be used professionally but believe in the long term benefits of using these regularly in your home. We believe that eco friendly, inexpensive, safe and efficient cleaning supplies are achievable for everyone; we believe in the benefits of green cleaning. 

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Marisa P
Marisa P
Marisa is the owner and operator of Honest Cleaning and Services. She is passionate about animal welfare, human rights and is an advocate for many causes, both locally and internationally. When not cleaning and over-seeing the HCAS Teams, Marisa can be found enjoying a nature hike or involved in activism for causes she believes in.

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