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As we begin to think about opening up our homes and our ‘bubbles’ to visitors, the question on many minds is how to clean in an environmentally safe way. At Honest Cleaning and Services, we have got you covered with a list of cleaning tips with green products you can buy or make yourself.

The chemicals found in traditional household cleaners have the potential to do damage to the occupants and the environment. At HCAS, we do not use any harmful chemicals in our cleaning formulations and prefer to use natural and organic ingredients combined with essential oils to clean and disinfect without heavy odours.

Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-Free Products

On our beautiful west coast, you would be hard-pressed to shop at a grocer that does not have a selection of eco-friendly cleaning and household products. All-natural and safe cleaners are on most shelves, so look for Method, Bronners, Nature Clean, and Seventh Generation or consider making them yourself with baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, and coconut oil. When shopping, look for plant-based formulas and stay away from solvents, phosphates, and harsh chemicals. Look at the back of the products for symbols that indicate that they are certified.

DIY Cleaning at Home

Making your homemade cleaners is easy and the greenest way to go. You will save money and use the purest of ingredients to keep you and your family safe from potential chemical exposure, especially those with curious children.

If you have in the pantry lemon juice, baking powder, white vinegar and a few empty spray bottles, you are ready to begin green cleaning. Tip: Do not just label the bottles but also to add bullet points on what areas this should be used.

Prep, Mix, and Scrub!

Baking Soda

Make into a cleaning paste by mixing with water and then used to remove stains in countertops, stainless steel (fridges, stove-tops, toaster, coffeemaker), and cutting boards by letting it sit awhile and then wiping away. A thicker paste may work well as an oven cleaner, and if the area is particularly stubborn, let it sit overnight. In the morning, wipe away with a damp cloth and a bit of detergent.


Dilute one-part vinegar with one-part water and use to clean almost anything in your house – except marble surfaces. Pour directly into empty toilet bowls to tackle that annoying water ring. A word about the smell — yes, it can be strong (only use WHITE vinegar), but it goes away quickly once dried. If you want a touch of fragrance, add a few drops of wintergreen, lavender, or eucalyptus essential oil to the bottle to freshen up the room.

Lemon Juice

Use undiluted lemon juice can be used to get rid of hard water deposits, soap scum, and even incorporated to polish brass and copper. For real wood surfaces, dilute half a cup of lemon juice with a cup of olive oil to create a generous hardwood polish. Lemon juice also cleans glass and mirrors and helps to remove stains on furniture fabrics and clothing. If you have a garbage disposal, throw your lemon and orange peels down to release a pleasant freshness throughout the kitchen. Tip: Do not put lime peels down, as they tend to be very tough and could damage the mechanics.


Borax is a natural mineral found in the Mojave Desert or China and is traditionally used as a laundry booster to soften water and make clothing cleaner and brighter. It is available in by the box at your local hardware shop or the grocer in the laundry aisle.

A Borax solution can be used to disinfect and deodorize, repel bugs, and clean your home. In an empty spray bottle, mix a level teaspoon of Borax with two tablespoons of vinegar, and some hot water. Add a few drops of dish detergent, essential oil for scent, and fill up the rest of the bottle with warm water. You now have an excellent and natural multi-purpose spray.

Finally, Cloth or Paper Towels?

To be genuinely environmentally friendly when cleaning, eschew paper towels and try reusable microfibre towels or cotton rags created by cutting up old tee shirts or towels that are in your donation bag. When the cleaning is complete, throw in the wash, and reuse!


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